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Reflexology Diploma

A student who wishes to learn the healing art of reflexology and receive the corresponding Diploma, must attend some courses at the School. Some of these are courses related to the art itself (Reflexology). Others of these are courses that prepare for the theoretical understanding of the art (eg, Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Others offer a general education about the nature of the human body (eg diagnostics). Others, finally, contribute to the wider education of a candidate therapist and are essential when working with therapy. The duration of studies is not strictly defined by the Academy. However, the minimum study time required is two years. Each candidate has the opportunity to choose as many and whichever courses of the diploma he/she wishes based on the time and money he/she can afford per year.

The courses of study that lead to obtaining a Diploma in Reflexology are the following: 2 years of Reflexology, Basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anatomy-Physiology, Dietetics, Diagnosis, History of Greek Medicine

For more information on Reflexology studies visit the Reflexology society site: http://www.reflexology.gr/ser/


The submission fee for the Diploma is 500€. With this amount all submission fees of each individual lesson are covered.

An indicative curriculum proposed by the Academy for students who wish to complete their studies in two years is:
1st year: Basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology Α year, Dietetics
2nd year: Diagnostics, Reflexology Β year, Anatomy-Physiology and History of Greek Medicine

If the student follows the above indicative program cost of tuition per year is as follows:

1st year: 368,75 € per month (8 installments)
2nd year: 387,5 € per month (8 installments)

The total cost for the Diploma in Reflexology is:
500 € enrollment and 6050€ fees.


Χρησιμοποιώντας αυτή την φόρμα συμφωνείτε με την αποθήκευση και χειρισμό των δεδομένων σας από αυτόν τον ιστότοπο.