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Come Aboard Recreation Greece

Come Aboard Recreation Greece

We are pleased to announce that Omorfi Zoi (Beautiful life), the leading Greek website in wellness and self-improvement, after seven years of constant and consistent presence in Greece is now launching a new website, RecreationGreece.

It is addressed to ‘citizens of the world’ offering people who live abroad the opportunity to attend workshops in Greece, the place that gave birth to modern medicine, by well-known Greek scientists and healers.

Our first 8 – day workshop: ‘Initiation to ancient Greek medicine’ organised in cooperation with Akadimia of Ancient Greek & Traditional Chinese Medicine will take place in Ancient Epidavros and the surrounding area of Argolida, the place where the first healing centers of the western world were created, on May 26 – June 2, 2018.

In this workshop we will deal with the teachings of Hippocrates and the later ancient Greek physicians towards a deeper understanding of human nature and disease. We are going to explore the vast tradition of Ancient Greek Medicine, its schools and philosophy, the numerous treatment methods and especially the use of acupuncture and medicinal herbs and transfer this ancient knowledge to be used in the modern world.

Workshop participants will also get the opportunity to enjoy guided tours to archaeological sites, mountain walks for herbs, modern Greek entertainment and the world-famous traditional Greek cuisine.

Join us and get the healing vibes!

Feel rejuvenated and replenished through a complete experience of the world-famous Greek hospitality!

For more information, please visit https://recreationgreece.com/ or contact us at contact@recreationgreece.com

We look forward to seeing you in Greece!