By reading this book, you will be able to deeply understand the commonalities and connection between two major ancient medical systems.

What this book will teach you

"Greek Acupuncture" is a book of practical acupuncture based on the combination of Traditional Chinese and Ancient Greek Medicine.

The five most important highlights

  • It will acquaint you with Ancient Greek Medicine through the writings of Hippocrates from the Hippocratic Corpus (W.H.S. Jones, Loeb Classical Library Harvard University Press)

  • It reveals the relation and connection between Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine in philosophical and practical level

  • In this 258 pages book we examine the Hippocratic meridians and points network. Detailed description of all four pairs of Hippocratic Meridians

  • Applying acupuncture for various illnesses

  • A practical method of acupuncture

A new book by Alexandros Tilikidis

Dr. Alexandros Tilikidis

Greek Acupuncture – Meridians and Points according to Hippocrates

Greek acupuncture is a pioneering book which describes the way we can apply acupuncture the way Chinese therapists have been practicing for thousands of years, on meridians and points of the human body the way Hippocrates has described them.

The author of the book, Dr. Alexandros Tilikidis, says:

“For the time being it’s a book, an idea imprinted on paper. It has not yet become act but I hope and anticipate, as author of this book, for Greek Acupuncture to be practiced by as many as possible, in order to serve the common good”

Some words on the Book

  • Greek Acupuncture is a product of monumental research into the history of how acupuncture was been involved in the ancient Greek medical treatment. In my eyes acupuncture has just gained so much more perspective!

    Eirini S., Greece

  • A very well thought out book on understanding how close and relevant were ancient Greek and traditional Chinese medicine.

    Kevin H., China

  • I'm glad to have found this book which proves the matching of the ancient civilizations, the commonalities of how they saw the human body and their holistic approach to treatment

    Tomas K., Cyprus

  • I have found myself using a lot of the points and actually mixing it  in with my Chinese points... I feel you have discovered some lost knowledge that we all need.

    Jane S., United Kingdom

"The Greek Acupuncture"

  • The System Of Greek Acupuncture

  • The Use Of Greek Acupuncture Points In Therapy

  • References On Acupuncture In Hippocrates

  • 4 Pairs Of Hippocratic Meridians

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About the Author

Dr. Alexandros Tilikidis, born in 1966 in Athens, Greece graduated from the medical university in 1991. As a western medical doctor he received the medical specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2001. He started his studies on acupuncture in 1994 in Athens, Greece. In 1996 he studied in TIANJIN UNIVERSITY of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Basic Theory of TCM, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine with Professors Liu Gongwang and Zhong Qiangwei.

Since 1997 he practices Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in Athens and also teaches the Basic  Theory of TCM, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  In 2004 he established school in Athens Academy Of Ancient Greek & Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to spread and promote Traditional Chinese Medicine and to unite TCM with Ancient Greek Medicine. He has published the following  books in Greek: The Basic Theory of TCM (1999), Chinese Herbal Medicine – Herbs and Prescriptions (2011) and Greek Acupuncture, meridians and points according to Hippocrates’ (2013 in Greek and English).

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